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Perfect Air FAQ

What is A Clean Room System?

Cleanroom System is a facility or production environment designed as a part of specialized industrial production or scientific research, including the manufacture of pharmaceutical items, medical devices, auto ,nuclear , FMCG , microprocessors or any industry that requires precision engineering. Cleanrooms are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates, such as dust, airborne organisms, or vaporized particles. Cleanrooms typically have a cleanliness level quantified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a predetermined molecule measure. Easiest Example of a Clean Room System is Operation Theatre or laboratories.

What All industries need clean room?

Medical Device
Food and Beverage
Microbiology and research labs

Why do I need a cleanroom?

Many industries rely on cleanroom technology. Industries like electronic, high-tech, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and the medical industry, all require cleanrooms as a necessary part of the manufacturing process. Products such as cell phones and microchips get smaller, the chance for contamination during the manufacturing processes gets higher. For these types of companies, clean, safe, contaminant-free products are essential to manufacturing and distributing a profitable product.

Will I need an engineer or consultant to design my room?

Nope. Not only are we cleanroom experts, we’re also engineers! Our cleanroom specialists are highly experienced in all facets of the cleanroom industry, including design. We can design the entire room for you, or work with your staff to create the perfect room for your needs. Our cleanrooms are pre-fabricated, completely customizable and designed exactly to your specs.

What sort of company should design, install and equip my cleanroom?

With all the different requirements for cleanrooms, you need a company that can take care of those technical needs. PERFECT AIR is an expert in all aspects of cleanroom design, installation, renovation, and maintenance. We’re here to help you with anything you need for your cleanroom: before, during and after the installation. We even have all the supplies you need to make your room operate efficiently after its installation.

Can I redesign my cleanroom when my needs change?

Yes. Every company’s needs change over time, and a PERFECT AIR CLEAN ROOM can change right along with them. All our cleanrooms are “backward compatible,” meaning they can be expanded or decreased in size, components can be added or removed, and any number of other changes can be made to your existing room.

What kind of cleanroom do I need?

Cleanrooms are Custom Designed !That depends on what you will use it for. With so many different options, we can design a cleanroom that fits your requirements now, and for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your options and find the perfect room for your project.

Can I use my existing building structure?

Yes. Our HardWall and RigidWall cleanrooms can be installed in a variety of environments using your existing building. Contact our cleanroom specialists and we’ll visit you on-site to discuss your framework and recommend a cleanroom that will work best within your existing structure. SoftWall cleanrooms are typically only designed as free-standing structures.

How is the quality of PERFECT AIR cleanrooms?

PERFECT AIR CLEAN ROOMS are highly reliable and aesthetically designed. We guarantee the quality of our workmanship and products for one full year.

How much will my cleanroom cost?

Again, it depends on what you will use it for and what class of cleanroom you need. As your requirements get stricter, the cost usually gets higher. For instance, a Class 100 cleanroom will cost more than a Class 10,000 cleanroom. Costs associated with filtration, temperature, humidity control and other factors can increase or decrease the price. Because of the many variables, it is impossible to give an estimate for your project.

Can my cleanroom be relocated and reused?

Yes. All PERFECT AIR CLEAN ROOMS are easily relocated, with components that knock down and reinstall quickly. Your cleanroom is a long-term investment that moves when you do.

Does a Cleanroom control sound?

Yes, it can. Depending on the type of room, and the type of walls, a cleanroom can control sound in even the loudest manufacturing conditions. If sound control is an issue to your company, let us know and we can design a room specifically for your needs.

How fast can I start using my Cleanroom?

The rooms are typically installed within 4-6 weeks. Smaller rooms may take less time, and large rooms may require a little more time. But with an industry standard of 4-8 weeks for delivery, you get exactly what you need in a shorter amount of time with PERFECT AIR.

What if I need to replace a major component of my cleanroom?

We can help you with that too! We offer all the components of a cleanroom and can help you replace them quickly and easily.

What’s the Advantage of a Turnkey Cleanroom System?

Cleanroom control systems and electrical designs are critical, but so are considerations for structural, architectural, and application compliance. Turnkey cleanroom solutions with modular components empower easy adaptation of adjacent structures, cascaded classification of interior rooms, expandable compliance, and relocation.

What is Federal Standard 209E?

It’s a government document that outlines the classes for air cleanliness. Although it’s not specific to cleanrooms, the industry has adopted it as its own standards.

What’s the Advantage of PERFECT AIR CLEAN ROOMS Installed Cleanroom System?

Our team of engineers and cleanroom experts bring your cleanroom to life through dedicated partnerships with world leading cleanroom manufacturers and vendors. PERFECT AIR turnkey cleanroom services consolidate cleanroom planning, design, engineering, construction, assembly, and certification into a single point of contact. PERFECT AIR is not limited to just one set of components or style of construction, so we always arrive at the best choice for our customers. Our engineers and specialists have over years of combined experience in cleanroom planning and installation.

What if I Don’t Need a Cleanroom Classification & Want to Isolate a Clean Area?

Many cleanroom service providers only want to work only on a turn-key basis. PERFECT AIR CLEAN ROOM is a resource for cleaner futures, no matter the size or scope of the project. We’ve helped many industrial customers who are not necessarily targeting a specific cleanroom classification but are simply trying to isolate an operation to keep it cleaner. The PERFECT AIR network provides support, construction, and outfitting of almost any type of critical or clean space environment. Its engineering and support teams have facilitated best in class cleanrooms, furniture, and supplies for many government and enterprise organizations.

Are PERFECT AIR CLEAN ROOMS Installations Limited to INDIA Locations?

PERFECT AIR operates worldwide. We have a network of global vendors for efficient cost management. We expertise use of local manufacturers under our expert supervision to deliver high quality clean room system.

What’s the Advantage of a Turnkey Cleanroom System?

Cleanroom control systems and electrical designs are critical, but so are considerations for structural, architectural, and application compliance. Turnkey cleanroom solutions with modular components empower easy adaptation of adjacent structures, cascaded classification of interior rooms, expandable compliance, and relocation.

How Does the Level of ISO Classification Impact Build and Operating Costs?

Each ISO Class level is 10 times cleaner than the next lowest classification. Moving up one cleanroom class from an ISO Class 8 to an ISO Class 7 cleanroom requires nearly twice as much air. Air filtration and conditioning is a significant factor in overall operating expenses. Overall square footage, the number of filters required, humidity, and air intake temperature all impact energy use. The efficiency of these systems is a direct relation to operating cost. A cost increase of 25% for each step in classification is expected. Generally, a recirculating airflow cleanroom incurs a larger initial investment, but is more efficient than a single pass cleanroom design.

What classification do I need?

It depends on your industry. The requirements will vary depending upon what size particles need to be filtered, the sources of contamination present, and recommended air change rate. If your industry is government regulated, you can check applicable regulation to see what classification is required. If there is no government-mandated or industry default classification, you’ll need to determine the appropriate classification, based on your application.

How are cleanrooms classified ?

There are two different classification scales that are generally used, the U.S. General Service Administration standards (FS209E) and International Standards Organization (ISO) classifications. The classes are determined by the maximum acceptable numbers of particles (by size) in the air per cubic meter.

How often do I need to test my cleanroom to see if it’s meeting classification requirements?

ISO requires that air pressure difference and air flow be tested every 12 months for all classifications. Particle count tests must be performed every 12 months ISO Class 6 and above, every six months for ISO Class 5 and below. There are also tests recommended for all classes, every 24 months: installed filter leakage, containment filter leakage, recovery, and airflow visualization. These tests are regulated by ISO document 14644-2 Cleanroom Testing and Compliance.

How often do I need to have my cleanroom inspected?

This depends on your classification. The more stringent classifications will require more regular inspection. Inspection may coincide with compliance testing, which, depending upon the cleanroom classification may occur every six or 12 months

What is the process for designing and building a cleanroom?

We’re cleanroom specialists familiar with all aspects of designing, building, and maintaining a cleanroom.
We’ll guide you through every step of this process and deliver exactly the room you need, on-time and within budget.
Send us a Cleanroom requirement inquiry or give us a call.
We’ll ask you questions to learn more about your needs.
We’ll prepare a proposal for you, including all cleanroom components, supplies and installation costs.
The proposal will then be refined to ensure it fits your specifications perfectly.
We then create plans for the design and installation, including CAD drawings and fabrication plans.
We’ll manage the procurement and delivery of all cleanroom components.
The cleanroom is installed by PERFECT AIR.
Testing and certification for your room may be required, and we can help arrange that.
Your cleanroom is operational and ready for productivity!

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