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Clean Room Partitions

Clean room interior finish requires monolithic, impervious, non-particle shedding, chemical resistant material. Sandwiched composite materials are used for this purpose.

These composite partition panel have a thick insulating core and thin outer skin made of strong resistant materials. Generally used panel cores are Gypsum, Calcium silicate, Paper Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb, Polystyrene, Polyurethane and Rockwool. Commonly used panel skins are Pre-painted Galvanized Iron, Steel or Aluminum sheet, Powder coated Galvanized Iron, Steel or Aluminum sheet, Matted Stainless steel , Vinyl lamination, High pressure laminates

These panels are installed with the help of flashings made of aluminum alloys. These flashings are fixed on the floor with the help of suitable fasteners.

Corners like the wall to wall, wall to floor, wall to ceiling are avoided by providing coved surface and all joints need to be sealed with epoxy or silicon sealant to avoid any deposition or generation of particles at the joints, by vibration and friction.

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