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Laboratories & Health Care

Research laboratories are special zones created to save both human and substance from harmful particles. These spaces are specially designed by using Air Flow and pressurization mechanism. We must ensure harmful air is exhausted using filtration techniques into the atmosphere. There are times when exhaust air is also chemically treated.

We have worked on numerous Laboratories & health care Projects , under different Verticals Such as :

  • 1. Bio Safety Labs(BSL1 , BSL2 , BSL3 , BSL4)
  • i) BSL 1
  • They are suitable for work involving agent of no known or of minimal potential hazard to laboratory personnel and the environment. Equipment’s uses in BSL 1 :

    • Doors
    • Sink
    • Easily cleaned work surfaces
    • Impervious bench tops
    • Sturdy furniture
    • Windows fitted with fly screens
  • ii) BSl 2
  • This level covers laboratories that work with moderately hazardous agents and organisms that cause mild disease.

    addition to BSL 1 expectation, the following practices are required in a BSL 2 lab setting:

    • Sterile / clean supplies
    • Hand washing
    • PPE selection and usage (gloves, garments, donning)
    • Procedures and Practices (“aseptic work techniques”)
    • BSC location (doors, windows, passageways, exposure to ventilation air draughts)
    • BSC performance
    • Housekeeping (dust, tidiness)
  • iii) BSL 3
  • Level 3 facility will house operations involving potentially lethal or ‘exotic’ diseases that are contracted via inhalation. Operators working with these airborne microbes will normally be immunized and wear heavier duty PPE plus respirators.

    Common requirements in a BSL-3 laboratory include:

    • Strictly controlled access to the lab
    • Specific training for lab personnel in handling potentially lethal agents
    • Decontaminated all waste
    • Changing contaminated protective lab clothing, decontaminating lab clothing before laundry
    • 100% Fresh Air – No Recirculation
    • Negative Pressure Labs

  • 2. Animal Research Centres
  • 3. Operation Theatres
  • 4. Intensive Care Units
  • 5. Medical Devices
  • 6. Diagnostic Centres
  • 7. Nuclear Labs
  • 8. Microbiology Labs
  • 9. Biotechnology Labs
  • 10. Solar Labs
  • iv) BSL 4
  • BSL-4 laboratory consists of work with highly dangerous materials and aerosol transmitted diseases which are almost all fatal and with no available vaccines or treatments.

    In addition to BSL-3 considerations, BSL-4 laboratories have the following containment requirements:

    • Personnel are required to change clothing before entering, shower upon exiting
    • Decontamination of all materials before exiting
    • Personnel must wear appropriate personal protective equipment from prior BSL levels, as well as a full body, air-supplied, positive pressure suit
    • A Class III biological safety cabinet
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