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We are a team of passionate, Dynamic and Innovative Engineers wanting to revolutionize Manufacturing Infrastructure Industry in India. We have over 2 Decades of Industry Experience. Our aim is to help develop High Tech Manufacturing facilities with best and cost-effective technologies. We strongly believe in sustainable use of resources and delivering energy efficient solutions to our clients. We expertise at Clean Room System integrating HVAC, Structural, Electrical, Fire Fighting, Automation and Equipment’s.
We are your One Stop Service Provider for setting up a Hi-tech Manufacturing Facility.

About us Perfect Air

PERFECT AIR, an organization established in 2000 is today’s fastest growing EPC (Engineering, Procurement Construction) Company with expertise in Clean Room Systems. We undertake turnkey projects for clean room solutions including HVAC, electrical, structural engineering, and automation. We operate in more than 10 sectors in different countries and has more than 250 clients across India and outside.

Our operational strategy deals with the product design, estimation, procurement, project execution, testing & commissioning, training and maintenance, quality management. We are backed by a large network of renowned OEM’s across the globe. We their strong support we surpass every quality parameter and deliver high standard solutions.

Every aspect of PA’s business is characterized by professionalism and high standards of governance. Sustainability is embedded into our long-term strategy for growth.
With 2 decades of a strong, customer focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, we have unmatched expertise across Technology, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing, across all industries such as pharmaceuticals, Microbiology and Research Labs, Food and Beverage, Medical Devices , Automobile , Semiconductor , Nuclear , Solar , Hospitals , Defense.

With a wide range of in-house technical expertise and our readiness to partner with the most innovative solutions makes us different from others in this market. We at PERFECT AIR ensure that our outcome exceeds the expectations of our valuable clients and look forward to long term association.

Perfect Air USP’s

Our Process

From concept to certification, Perfect Air delivers world-class turnkey cleanroom project services. Our project management process covers all steps in the delivery of a high performing production environment, assuring that your project is delivered on time and fulfills the specifications and certifications necessary to achieve optimal performance. Our project management process is concluded with our satisfaction guarantee – We guarantee that our cleanroom projects meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations for quality and service.

Our Turnkey Project Management Process

Why Perfect Air

P - Protection, Safety and well being of our people is our priority. We have strict Safety Policies.
E - Expertise, With an experience of two decades we are competent to serve the best. We have a team of expert, experienced ,talented young and passionate professionals to serve your business needs.
R - Result Oriented, We ensure performance qualification of our projects as per design and client requirements.
F - Flexible, Customised Clean Room Solution for clients across industries as per their product requirements.
E - Excellence, Our long term relationship with our clients are based upon our quality and reliability.
C - Cost Effective, Engineering solutions provided at PA counts to minimum cost cycle both installation and maintenance.
T - Timely Completion , Fast project execution improves ROI turnaround time for our clients.

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Our team

We believe that Attention to details deeply impacts our quality of work and we keep on working on this strategy to achieve success for our company. We are a fusion of Experience , Expertise and Passion for engineering innovative solutions.

Perfect Air hosts one of the Best young dynamic hard working innovative teams under one roof. We have over 50,000 man hours of experience affording you industry leading performance.

Perfect Air Team is dedicated to providing the best combination of quality products, on time delivery and timely completion. Our time-tested corporate philosophy, expertise and rich experience has stood us in good stead in the highly competitive market.

As a collection of people with diverse technical backgrounds, we also believe that collaboration lies at the core of all perfect precise work. Regardless of method or medium, the greatest form of sustainability is to produce work of lasting impression and functionality. In that spirit we aspire to complete all our projects within time limits without compromising on any front and most importantly true satisfaction to our valuable client.

Our team provides a full range of services starting from sales to validation and support beyond. Our design team has accomplished a level of immense technical experience, specializes in detailing customer specific requirements while complying with the regulatory requirements. All members of our group strive hard to the success of our company and take pleasure in serving customers.

Company Mission & Vision

Company Mission

To be India’s Fastest Clean Room Making Company using advanced technology and professional management with commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Company Vision

To Create World Class Perfect Clean Room facilities by ensuring innovative cost effective technology , best implementation practices , high quality products and dedicated team to meet dynamic Industrial requirement in adherence to all International Standards.

Our Values

To Continuously Improve Our performance. Achieving Operational Excellence Industry Leading Customer Satisfaction Superior Financial Performances

Why Choose us ?

PACR intend to professionalize our approach towards engineering and science involved in creating the most High Tech Clean Room Facilities. Our Clean Rooms are competitive to all International standards and markets. Our team works round the clock 24*7 diligently to provide world class services to our customers. PACR takes up clients toughest challenges by providing unmatched solutions for consulting, planning, designing, executing and maintaining Clean Room Systems. With wide range of in house technical expertise and our readiness to partner with the most innovative solutions makes us different from others in this market. We ensure that our final outcome exceeds the expectations of our valuable clients and look forward to long term continuous association

Our Customer Policy

Quality of service we provide has gone from a competitive advantage to a necessity as per our morals. We keep on evaluating our current service strategies and improvising it with the customer point of view.
One year free AMC is part of our completed and successfully handed over project, our motto is to provide lifelong satisfaction to our valuable client and for this we have dedicated teams which are designed to perform these tasks on high priority all members of team are striving hard to the success of company and take pleasure in customers in best possible way

We keep analyzing frequently occurring issues then we dig deep till we find the root cause by which we can give our client a perfect and permanent solution.
"24X7 and 365 we are ready to serve" We serve our clients Before, During & After the Project with full dedication and always with energy and freshness as Monday morning. We Ensure that projects are completed in stipulated time which improves the client's turnaround time.
Customer feedback is an important tool for us to grow and we keep on rewarding our team for good feedback, our eagerness for excellence in all the fields of our work makes us train our team frequently.

Our Quality Policy

Quality policy is an important element of our corporate policy and reflects our company standards as regards quality of services and products with respect to clients, partners and employees. Implementation of quality policy has a positive impact on the quality of products and effectiveness of our process, and as a result on our clients satisfaction and confidence. Henceforth, we maintain a record of required results as well as support the target oriented application of resources.

Company Principles

Principle 1 Customer-orientation

PACR commit to provide our clients and partners with quality products and services they expect from us. We implement our skills and experience to meet their requirements in a timely and professional manner. Our commitment to clients is made on the basis of our ability to completely understand and fulfill our clients requirements. We assure our clients that we will adhere to the timelines and keep our promises. We take full responsibility of the problems that may arise and assure to solve these at all times with efficiency.

Principle 2 Ongoing improvement

PACR is constantly refining our products, services, processes and training standards while keeping in mind the long term development of the company. Our QMS is also subject to ongoing improvement.

Principle 3 Quality consciousness

Quality consciousness is maintained through apt processes, training, information as well as instructions. We oblige all our employees to remain conscious of both cost and quality at all times.

Principle 4 Communication

PACR quality policy and its objectives are well communicated within our organization as well as to our clients and partners. What is learned from these is important. Our quality management system is continuously reviewed to assure that it remains appropriate and fit for the purpose.

We Believe in Inclusive Growth