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Bio Safety Labs

Bio safety Level or BSL is a set of bio containment precautions required to isolate hazardous biological agents in an enclosed manufacturing or research laboratory. These levels of protections are to safeguard laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment.

Do we need Clean Room conditions in BSL labs?

Biotechnology based remedies are rapidly coming to market to address a vast number of rare diseases and common ailments. Biotech innovations have dramatically increased the number of BSL Bio safety Level clean rooms or BSL zones within larger clean room operations. BSL Protocols are put into place to manage risks related to containment, infection, transmissibility, with the Level depending on the nature of the work conducted, origin of the microbe, agent in question, route of exposure. BASIC GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICES

BSL Level Cleanroom ISO 14644-1
Grade A: High risk Class 10 Clean Room Required
Grade B: Background for Grade A Class 100 Clean Room Required
Grade C: Less critical Class 10,000 Clean Room Required
Grade D: Less critical Class 100,000 Clean Room Required
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