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Most rigorous protocols are conformed by semiconductor manufacturing facilities. A raw material can go through 200 different steps to achieve exacting quality standards; therefore these facilities are required to have absolutely sterile conditions for production. Our clean rooms deliver such conditions so that no quality is compromised.

Semiconductor Clean Rooms

The semiconductor sector is a key part of the entire electronics industry. The term refers to the materials used to make electronic circuits, but is often used as a broader synonym for microchips. This sector is known for its cyclical nature, due to the rapid development of technology and high competition.

In order to produce high-quality products, the processes involved should take place in Clean Rooms to prevent the components or delicate machinery used from being contaminated.

Galvini is an expert in the manufacturing of Clean Rooms for the Semiconductor sector.

Turnkey Clean Rooms for Semiconductor sector

Choosing PACR means opting for an all-inclusive service that begins with listening closely to the client's needs and ends with the delivery of Clean Rooms that are ready to use, without further action or third-party intervention required. Throughout the process, PACR designs, builds, installs and certifies the solution, using its own workshops and specialists and guaranteeing exceptional quality and meticulous attention to every detail.

Characteristics of Clean Rooms for Semiconductors
  • Clean Rooms made for the semiconductor sector have special features given the need for very stringent environmental control due to the sensitive nature of the products processed.
  • The semiconductor industry is known for the speed at which technology is updated and the sensitive nature of the operations that take place. The processes involved can also last a very long time and are very complex.
  • The processes in this sector involve delicate and very costly machinery: for these reasons, the Clean Room needs to be flexible and adjustable, adapting to the systems present.
Technical requirements and relevant standards
  • The technical requirements are those of the standard that sets out the cleanliness classes (ISO 1 to ISO 9), i.e. number of particles per m³, temperature, pressure and humidity, which are determined based on the type of processes involved.
  • The standard that acts as a guide is the ISO 14644 standard, which must be adhered to in every aspect and stipulates the relevant parameters from design to validation and maintenance.
  • Other regulations, such as the Federal Standard in the USA, are also relevant.

Uses of Clean Rooms for the semiconductor sector

In the Semiconductor industry, Clean Rooms are mainly used in the following sectors

  • Micro-electronics: this is where tiny circuits are created, which is why particle contamination must be avoided.
  • Photovoltaic: when manufacturing photovoltaic cells, the Clean Room prevents contamination that could undermine the performance of the product.
  • Photonics: this sector provides components for photonic and optical systems, and underpins many industries.
  • Research and Development: for all organisations that dedicate part of their business to technological innovation

Additional Services


Our training service supports the client after the sale is complete: instructions and best practices are provided for the client so that they can maintain the Clean Room parameters and are able to use the room properly by themself.

Maintenance and Remote Assistance

The Scheduled-Maintenance service, which we offer from the planning and design stage onwards, ensures that the Clean Room and auxiliary equipment continue to function properly and prevents unforeseen issues such as costly production stops.

Our specialist technicians carry out regular work, which includes operational tests, replacements of any worn components and maintenance of air-conditioning and heating systems.

As well as the Maintenance service, we offer a Remote-Assistance service that, with the aid of a basic internet or telephone connection, enables our employees to view, modify and log parameters directly from our offices. The speed at which we can assist the client and efficiency are major advantages of this service.

Comfort Rate

This is a tool that assesses the level of Comfort in a contamination-free environment: the focus of this system, introduced by PACR, is on the operators themselves, setting the company apart from many other Clean Room manufacturers.

Ranging from 1 to 6, the Comfort Rate classes relate to the quality of the ventilation systems and air distribution within the Clean Room. Parameters assessed include the temperature of the air supplied, the ambient temperature desired and the coverage factor.


With regard to the Semiconductor industry, we work hard to provide highly specialised Clean Rooms. At PACR, we provide the best advice on which solution to opt for, taking the type of process involved and your cleanliness needs into account.

Clean Rooms

A Clean Room is a closed, controlled-contamination environment: air cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure levels are kept under constant control, so that processes and operations that require a clean and well-monitored environment can be carried out inside.

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