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COVID – 19 “Killing the Dead”

Viruses are not living bodies like us.

Can we kill something which is not even alive? Let’s elaborate

A single termite can destroy your furniture, just alike a virus could destroy your life. Parasites are becoming one of the most deadly foes for human as they begin their multiplication soon as they enter a host. But the question is, how can we fight something we cannot see, feel or sense? The question is itself a paradox. Of course we can see viruses. We can even destroy them, but with proper equipment.

In offices, malls, hospitals, public gathering is always more as compared to residential areas, same goes for viruses. There are certain inhabitable conditions for humans, and so for viruses. Some studies highlight the fact that ionization, activated oxygen and UV radiation produce such conditions, making air breathable. But there are still some tests required for adapting these processes. Viruses are not alive, they are the border of living and non-living. However they don’t get killed, they get inactivated when the environment is not favourable. And so are we, ozone is toxic also for humans.

For closing I would like to express my thoughts on today’s situation.

We are not here to run and protect ourselves from pandemic, we are here to fight against it. We have our weaponry; we just need our evaluation squad.

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