MEP Project

MEP projects
HVAC is a huge field but it is just a part of MEP. M (Mechanical) E (Electrical) P (Plumbing) is a combined solution for any infrastructure. All the HVAC, BMS and plumbing comes under MEP projects. It includes three sides which are prominent to every building project that includes design, and construction and deals with the setup, functioning, and maintenance of the three major elements of a building project.
Our engineers working in the MEP field have an excellent understanding in a broad range of disciplines including dynamics, mechanics, fluids, thermodynamics, heat transfer, chemistry, electricity, and computers.
Our company consists of dedicated teams of highly qualified experts, with extensive experience in the different sectors of activity. We use the most advanced hardware and software in Design, Analysis and Calculation, which allows us to offer the most optimal solutions adapted for the needs of customers.