HVAC Project

Commercial projects
HVAC is an integral part of a modern commercial building. Keeping the offices cool in summer and warm in winter at constructive cost is a challenge. It is important to provide a comfortable environment for our employees. Servicing and maintaining your HVAC system reduces the operating cost, but choosing a right HVAC system is also prominent for effective operation cost reduction.
Here at Perfect Air, we provide consultancy service, so that clients can gain the knowledge of each HVAC component, its working and maintenance, so to choose wisely among different HVAC systems by comparing them.
Roof top units and chillers are two of the most used HVAC systems in commercial buildings.
Depending on the area to be cooled, the choice is made to install the best HVAC system.
Residential projects
A quiet and energy efficient HVAC system is just required when it comes to home comfort. Ideal air quality, humidity and temperature are very prominent factors and controlling these factors accordingly is the key for a good residential HVAC system. Our customizable designs allow us to fit our system in any kind of building. Depending on the style of your home, our designs for each project are planned in a way that highest efficiency is reached with no harm occurring to other processes or areas.
Our BMS and MAPS are two solutions for these problems. BMS controls all the comfort settings with MAPS ensuring that extracted air is processed, so no blockage occurs and the whole HVAC system’s life span is increased.
Office spaces
Indoor air quality and comfortable temperature is the most prior factor in office spaces. A flexible and adaptable HVAC system is required to accommodate future spaces and to handle localised changes in heat density. IAQ improves employee health and productivity and it is a non-negotiable factor for any office space.
We provide a complete solution for every complication faced in HVAC. Our experts have worked with numerous offices in the past 20+ years and their knowledge assists us in providing a flexible, adaptable and accurate HVAC solution.