Clean Room Project

Turnkey Clean Room Project - We provide End to end solution, from design till commissioning.
When an uninterrupted supply of highly filtered air is permitted inside a closed space, flushing out the impurities from inside, the area is considered to be a clean room. Certain ISO standards have been established to differentiate clean rooms on the basis of their cleanliness, class 9 being the dirtiest and class 1 being the cleanest. The system runs precisely to control the particles suspended in air by limiting the count of distinct contaminant sizes in per cubic feet area.
Industries go for a specific class of clean room according to their operations. Some industries are mentioned where our clean rooms are being used or could be used:
1.  Pharmaceuticals
The broad variety of Pharmaceutical products needs a specific environment in which processing and packaging must be done in order to ensure delivery of refined end products. The clean rooms are prominent in this industry not only for the product, but for the workers as well.
2. Microbiology and Research Labs
Majority of microbiology research labs vary between ISO class 8 and ISO class 4, depending on specific research criteria of the organization. Customisations for exact requirements are incorporated like gowning room, airlocks, air shower, material transfer enclosures, batch mixing area and more.
3. Food and Beverages
To ensure the highest level of quality and safety in all food products, clean rooms are considered as the most essential space, as they provide a secure environment in which food is processed in a contaminant free zone.
4. Medical Devices
Medical devices production and packaging requires a high level of control over static, pressure, contamination and humidity. Achieving this is not the only solution, it is vital to ensure continuous elimination of indoor generated particles as well as transmitted particles.
5. Automobile
Automotive components are required to meet ISO 9001 or ISO/TS 16949 standards for production. Clean rooms are essential for meeting such an environment level so as to come up with high quality, durable and high-performing components.
6. Semiconductor
Most rigorous protocols are conformed by semiconductor manufacturing facilities. A raw material can go through 200 different steps to achieve exacting quality standards, therefore these facilities are required to have absolutely sterile conditions for production. Our clean rooms deliver such conditions so that no quality is compromised.
7. Nuclear
Electrical components are sensitive to static electricity and static charge also attracts harmful contamination. The HEPA and ULPA filters are optionally fitted with ionising bars to neutralise the electrical charge in air flow. These types of problems need an uninterrupted process of solution which requires higher accuracy of purging with no chances of faults.
8. Hospitals
Both positive pressure and negative pressure rooms are required in hospitals as OTs and AIIRs. Clean room plays an important role in limiting the spread of diseases in hospitals. MAPS is a solution for all microbial enemies which provides us a shield from invisible attacks.
9. Defence
A flexible clean room whose parameters could be well monitored and controlled precisely would be highly beneficial to an organisation in the defence sector.
10. Nanotechnology
When working with Nano-scale sized particles, even the smallest bit of dust can seem like a boulder. Keeping the clean room energy efficient would never be a concern for the Nano-tech industry. The primary concern would always be the efficiency of purity provided. HEPA and ULPA filters along with MAPS deliver the highest possible accuracy of purging in a clean room.