Automation Project

Automation – BMS projects
Automation is a boon to any industry. It has been proven to increase the momentum of industrial and building processes. Traditional automation includes some critical tasks to be done manually, but modern automation is much more reliable and least manual tasks are left to be done.
A Building Management System is something required in most of the offices, residential areas, malls, commercial spaces etc. for HVAC as well as other purposes.
Our in-house facility is equipped to perform intricate instrumentation simultaneously with mechanical design, fabrication, custom panel builds and assembly. The automation and fabrication process is overseen by our team of automation engineers with experience in a broad variety of industries and control platforms.
Solar Air-Conditioning Projects
The main capital invested in an industry is on electricity. Every industry needs a lower running cost, may bear higher installation cost. Solar power is one of the most prominent non-conventional energy resources we have. The technology can save up to 80% power as compared to conventional air conditioning systems. The solar heat collectors we use are specially engineered to work even in non-incident sunlight. Flat-plate and evacuated-tube are two solar panels we use depending on the type of application of client.
Here how it works:
1. On first priority solar AC will be run through solar power.
2. At the same time the solar panel will charge the solar battery  bank.
3. Solar battery banks can be used when the sun is not available or when solar panels are not generating electricity.
4. If the battery bank is not sufficient to run AC, it will automatically use the electricity from the grid.