Our Quality Policy
Quality policy is an important element of our corporate policy and reflects our company standards as regards quality of services and products with respect to clients, partners and employees. Implementation of quality policy has a positive impact on the quality of products and effectiveness of our process, and as a result on our clients satisfaction and confidence. Henceforth, we maintain a record of required results as well as support the target oriented application of resources.

Principle 1 - Customer-orientation
PACR commit to provide our clients and partners with quality products and services they expect from us. We implement our skills and experience to meet their requirements in a timely and professional manner. Our commitment to clients is made on the basis of our ability to completely understand and fulfill our clients requirements. We assure our clients that we will adhere to the timelines and keep our promises. We take full responsibility of the problems that may arise and assure to solve these at all times with efficiency.

Principle 2 Ongoing improvement
PACR is constantly refining our products, services, processes and training standards while keeping in mind the long term development of the company. Our QMS is also subject to ongoing improvement.

Principle 3 Quality consciousness
Quality consciousness is maintained through apt processes, training, information as well as instructions. We oblige all our employees to remain conscious of both cost and quality at all times.

Principle 4 Communication
PACR quality policy and its objectives are well communicated within our organization as well as to our clients and partners. What is learned from these is important. Our quality management system is continuously reviewed to assure that it remains appropriate and fit for the purpose.