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About Perfect Air

PERFECT AIR is an established & recognized source for Clean Room and Air Conditioning Builders/Contractors, with solid track record in successful Clean Room design. Construction and Commissioning of custom designed facilities.

Perfect Air specializes in complete turnkey solution for Clean Room. We provide controlled environment with all specification fulfilled. This ensures that your Clean Room functions in perfect harmony � from Air Conditioning Systems that regulate the environment to filtration and extraction systems that are guarantees to meet regulatory standards.

Serving Industry Since 2000, With an Experience of over 500 Clean Room Facilities & HVAC Plants.

Our Clean Room is designed to suit the Grade/Class required in terms of Pressure, Air & Quality. It is engineered to manage environmental pollutants such as Dust, Air Borne Microbes, Aerosol Particles & Chemical Vapors.

Since 2000, we have executed over 500 Clean Rooms of size as small as 1000 Sq.ft to 51,000 Sq.ft .Clean Room build by us are in line with guideline laid by International Standard Organization ISO 146644, Federal Stand 2090, British Stand BS 5295, 4P-797 for Microbes Corbel.

Our Project team manages your Challange/Dream in stages from conceptualization to building and after sales services as under.

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